How DEVA interior design can help

For both individuals and professionals, we always strive to achieve optimal results using quality materials with attention to durability.

DEVA Interieur specializes in custom exterior and interior joinery. We also guarantee total projects.

DEVA Interieur works with a thoughtful process, a streamlined approach and clear communication to fully realize your vision even “in real life.

What we do

Interior joinery

As long as it smells like wood. Cabinets, dressings and smart custom cabinets, to complete interiors, kitchens and bathrooms, …

Exterior joinery

Windows and doors, cladding, renovating or expanding with a wooden outbuilding, pool house, …

Project coordination

Renovation or new construction? We also tackle your overall project boldly, efficiently and accurately.

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Interior joinery

DEVA Interieur has been the specialist for customization for more than 17 years. We provide the design and creation of custom closets, dressings, checkrooms, wall cabinets, libraries and desk cabinets that seamlessly fit your home and needs.

For total furnishing of your attic, office, bathroom, children’s room, office and store design to a custom kitchen, DEVA interior is the right place.

You can also contact us for drywall work for all different purposes, placing suspended ceilings, dividing spaces with false walls, eliminating walls that are in poor condition with pre-walls to neatly concealing pipes, ventilation ducts and cabling.

  • Furniture
  • Desks
  • Tables
  • Smart custom cabinets
  • Built-in cabinets
  • Dressings
  • Installation of new walls
  • Complete furnishing of bathrooms
  • Custom kitchens
  • Ceilings
  • False walls and pre-walls
  • Full furnishing of rooms
  • Complete attic design
  • Office, store, warehouse equipment
Exterior joinery
  • Wooden grating for flat roofs
  • Modify/renovate roof structure
  • Wooden terraces
  • Wooden gates
  • Cladding in wood, solid core and aluminum
  • Wall cladding with plaster finish
  • Installation of conservatories
  • Installation of windows and doors
  • Poolhouse
  • Garden House
  • Garden Cabinet
  • Flooring in wood


Because standard is usually not enough. We vouch for the total furnishing from attic, kitchen, laundry room, dressing to the entire interior. This in the style of your choice and all at your size.

Together with you, we look to utilize every available inch. This on a thoughtful process, a streamlined approach and clear communication so that we also fully realize your vision “in real life.


Project coordination

Over the years, DEVA Interiors has built a network of partners who strive for the same professionalism for optimal results with quality materials and great attention to deadlines. Both as an individual and a professional, we assist you with your new construction or renovation project.